Maximizing Bling

Well I’m not completely recovered, but there’s limits to how long things can be delayed.


As anyone following this blog knows, E19 is like a ravenous beast constantly struggling to escape its cage and eat your system. I’ve only helped along the inevitable by releasinating the first alpha today. There’s still lots of pending changes which will be merged in the coming weeks, months, and years before the final release, but this is a solid release which can and should be used daily instead of E18. Aside from the system-eating.



RSI acting up. Plans delayed 1-2 weeks while I rest.

A Moment For Compatibility

It’s no secret that I view theme compatibility between versions of E the same way that I look at vegetarian options at a restaurant: it’s just not for me.


To help others in their quest to keep themes working, I have created a helpful document which contains all the information needed to port an Edje theme from any version of E to a newer one. Overall, I am pleased with the E18 -> E19 changes; aside from “new” theme functionality, there are very few breaks, and I would estimate the amount of time needed to account for them is less than five minutes for any competent Edjer.


In unrelated news, my prediction of a release is coming true today: E18.8 fixes some EFM bugs, systray bugs, and longstanding winlist scrolling issues. I can feel the excitement.


Guess who’s back. Back again. Etc etc.


Total commits per week

I brought a chart. Read from right to left, it shows the git activity of the E repository as output from gitstats; week 17 is the week that the E19 branch merged to master. This is the total commit count for the repository, so it isn’t just me.

Now before people start accusing me of not activating my almondsslacking off, here’s another chart which is just me except for two contributions from the amazing and peerless JEAN-PHILIIIIIPPE:

Total commits per week

It’s a small demo app for testing JP’s text filter work. There’s a couple videos here and here, but it’s NBD.

I also did some work on Edje, but that’s probably going to be a news item on the main site to try and drive traffic over there.


I could keep posting charts, but I’m tired and bored of charts after first two. It’s been a long time since I blogged here, but it’s also been a relatively long time since I’ve done anything directly related to E–almost a full month before this week. The reasons for this lack of focus on E are easy enough to figure out: feature freeze is ongoing, very few new bugs were/are being submitted, other things have been more interesting, and release time has not been close.


But suddenly, with lots of warning, May came. 22 tickets were closed between Wednesday and Friday of this week, 2 tickets were repeatedly closed, and a new blog post was written for the first time in nearly two months.


I feel a release coming on…


Full Wayland support, based on DRM, has landed from Chris “devilhorns” Michael’s private store of E features. He has helpfully added a README.wayland file which provides suitable amounts of warnings and documentation to prepare the average user for a brand new type of crashing. I’ve helpfully inlined the README here:


Wayland support in Enlightenment 0.19.0

Caution: Support for running Enlightenment in a Wayland-Only
configuration is considered Highly Experimental !! Use at your own
risk !! We are not responsible if it nukes your files, burns up your cpu,
kills your cat, sells your house, divorces you, or otherwise messes
Anything up !

Use at your own risk !! You have been warned !!


Aside from the normal requirements that Enlightenment needs, there are
a few things to note in order to get Enlightenment to build without
X11 support.

Firstly, you MUST have EFL built with the following options:


This Readme does not address the dependencies needed to enable Wayland
in EFL. If you require any information for that, please see:

If you would like support for EGL in Wayland, then also build EFL with:


The above options can be enabled for EFL without any adverse effects to
existing applications.

Next, you will need to adjust the options that you pass to
Enlightenment during the compile phase.

Please note, we recommend installing This version of Enlightenment into it’s
own separate prefix so that you can still safely fallback to the X11 version.

This can be done by passing:


Now, on to the magic bits 😉

In order for Enlightenment to be compiled without X11, using Wayland
only, you will need to pass a few more options to the configure stage
of Enlightenment:


Since this is all still a work-in-progress, there are a few
Enlightenment modules that have not been “fixed” to work without X11
yet. Those will need to be disabled:

–disable-everything (don’t worry, this is just the everything module)

At this stage, you should have EFL properly built, and Enlightenment
properly built. Let’s move on to running it…


Hopefully at this stage you have successfully built EFL and
Enlightenment in preparation for a Wayland-only setup. Congratulations
!! Now, let’s get it running…

The following steps assume you are currently at a Virtual Terminal
without anything else running (ie: no other window managers, X11, etc).

In order for Enlightenment to function without X11, we need to setup
the environment. In your current tty, do:

export E_WL_FORCE=drm
export ELM_ENGINE=wayland_shm (or wayland_egl)

This will make sure that Enlightenment renders using DRM, and any
Elementary applications use a Wayland engine.

At this point, you should just be able ‘cd’ to the Enlightenment
prefix where you installed, and issue:


Please Note: It is suggested that you create a separate configuration
profile with only a Minimum of modules loaded. Due to the experimental
(and ongoing) status of Wayland-Only support in Enlightenment, Many
modules May Not Work. Very few have actually been tested yet !!

If you have a separate configuration profile (as suggested) that you
would like to use, you can tell Enlightenment to use that when you
start it:

./enlightenment_start -profile <my_profile>


Please Note: There is currently NO support for running X11
applications with this !! So basically, your web browsers won’t work,
don’t expect to be able to run Firefox, Thunderbird, or practically
Any Other X11 application yet. About the only things “known” to work
so far are EFL/Elementary applications.


Yes, there are Lots of them !!
Yes, I am already aware of 99.9% of them.
No, you do not need to start reporting them yet !!

When we feel that the work is reaching a “finalizing” stage, we will
put out a request for actual testers and bug reports !

You are here because you want to play…because you want to
experiment…because you want to be “cool” 😉 You are not hear to nag
me with complaints & reports about things I am already well aware of
😉 Save yourself some time, and me some stress !! 😉