Clean-Up Crew

Lots of things happening lately. Let’s recap:

* Epour 0.60 released

I’m sure none of us would use this for anything other than seeding torrents of our favorite Linux distributions.

* EFL 1.11 released

It’s a dependency of E19. Install it.

* Rage 0.10 released

It’s the next app written by raster after Terminology. Why are you not using it to read this blog?

* EFL Developer Day announced

Signups not yet available, admission will be extremely limited.

* E19 RC3 released

I took a selfie while writing up the release notes as part of a weekly segment that I’ll be doing leading up to EFLDD2014. I’ll be showing teasers of various new things that I’ll be unveiling at the conference. See if you can spot the newness in this week’s shot:


9 thoughts on “Clean-Up Crew

  1. epymc deserve attention also
    edgar module is now on e git
    you shot urxvt in a post about terminology?:P)
    and opera12? strange 🙂

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  3. Gah! Are you all idiots or what? The newness is right there in your faces! How the hell can you not see it?

    Mike got Enlightenment to run on a 0Hz CPU! This is going to revolutionize the science of computing!

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