All Good Things

Great news: Enlightenment finally has a Hello Kitty theme!

Enlightenment is now HK-friendly!


After decades of work, a developer calling himself “Simon” has completed this masterpiece as well as several less interesting themes.


Read all about them or make your own theme by reading his blog.


One thought on “All Good Things

  1. Hey, this ISN’T that bad.

    Ok, maybe the HK theme is, but the rest of the post is very very interesting.

    I’ve seen the recent thread in the users mail list where Jeff (well, his users actually) complained that E was ‘ugly’, but was mostly because of themes.

    While I agree that Simon’s script doesn’t make production themes, it can really shorten the development time to do a good theme, by providing a shortcut for the less apealing parts and focusing on details.

    It would be more awesome to use this idea into an EFL theme generator, even using parts of Editje for the wysywig parts

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