Recovery is proceeding slowly since I have been unable to completely rest, but things do seem to be improving.


People following git will have noticed that I recently posted a TODO file containing all the blocker issues for E19 release. As of the posting of this article, there are only 6 items remaining, totaling 11 issues. This is not to say that there are not other issues, or that no other changes will occur; indeed, issues are being resolved as they are discovered.


Trying to conserve wrist power, so this will be another short post. For those who didn’t see, this blog and future E blogs are now accessible at to provide a single address for following the latest development news.


3 thoughts on “Revengeance

  1. Hi can we have Battery and MPRIS gadgets (on the shelf) showing up only when they’re really needed, that is when battery is actually present / when a MPRIS-friendly music application of our choice is actually running?
    I even put it in a Wishlist some time ago,

  2. I think i spot a trend before each E release. First it was something like plague or something for E18 i think you got something like AIDS now you hurt your wrist.

    E makes you sick.

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