All Good Things

Great news: Enlightenment finally has a Hello Kitty theme!

Enlightenment is now HK-friendly!


After decades of work, a developer calling himself “Simon” has completed this masterpiece as well as several less interesting themes.


Read all about them or make your own theme by reading his blog.



Recovery is proceeding slowly since I have been unable to completely rest, but things do seem to be improving.


People following git will have noticed that I recently posted a TODO file containing all the blocker issues for E19 release. As of the posting of this article, there are only 6 items remaining, totaling 11 issues. This is not to say that there are not other issues, or that no other changes will occur; indeed, issues are being resolved as they are discovered.


Trying to conserve wrist power, so this will be another short post. For those who didn’t see, this blog and future E blogs are now accessible at to provide a single address for following the latest development news.

Maximizing Bling

Well I’m not completely recovered, but there’s limits to how long things can be delayed.


As anyone following this blog knows, E19 is like a ravenous beast constantly struggling to escape its cage and eat your system. I’ve only helped along the inevitable by releasinating the first alpha today. There’s still lots of pending changes which will be merged in the coming weeks, months, and years before the final release, but this is a solid release which can and should be used daily instead of E18. Aside from the system-eating.