A Moment For Compatibility

It’s no secret that I view theme compatibility between versions of E the same way that I look at vegetarian options at a restaurant: it’s just not for me.


To help others in their quest to keep themes working, I have created a helpful document which contains all the information needed to port an Edje theme from any version of E to a newer one. Overall, I am pleased with the E18 -> E19 changes; aside from “new” theme functionality, there are very few breaks, and I would estimate the amount of time needed to account for them is less than five minutes for any competent Edjer.


In unrelated news, my prediction of a release is coming true today: E18.8 fixes some EFM bugs, systray bugs, and longstanding winlist scrolling issues. I can feel the excitement.


2 thoughts on “A Moment For Compatibility

  1. Congratulations on your attitude – your peers must love you. It’s no news that perceiving breaking compatibility from version to version of any project as a non-issue is a clear sign of the lack of a long term vision and a lack of solid design.
    Boasting about that seems pretty ignorant.

    • Oh, I see, you’re implying that the completely-organic evolution of the previous theme API was somehow “designed” in a careful manner, was guaranteed to be stable, and therefore needs to be preserved.

      None of these things are true. The truth is that the theme API was, and remains, in very bad shape, and the breakages will continue until the API improves. If someone wants complete API stability for E, they can continue using a single version of E; this is the only guarantee that I am currently prepared to make, regrettable though it may be.

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