Guess who’s back. Back again. Etc etc.


Total commits per week

I brought a chart. Read from right to left, it shows the git activity of the E repository as output from gitstats; week 17 is the week that the E19 branch merged to master. This is the total commit count for the repository, so it isn’t just me.

Now before people start accusing me of not activating my almondsslacking off, here’s another chart which is just me except for two contributions from the amazing and peerless JEAN-PHILIIIIIPPE:

Total commits per week

It’s a small demo app for testing JP’s text filter work. There’s a couple videos here and here, but it’s NBD.

I also did some work on Edje, but that’s probably going to be a news item on the main site to try and drive traffic over there.


I could keep posting charts, but I’m tired and bored of charts after first two. It’s been a long time since I blogged here, but it’s also been a relatively long time since I’ve done anything directly related to E–almost a full month before this week. The reasons for this lack of focus on E are easy enough to figure out: feature freeze is ongoing, very few new bugs were/are being submitted, other things have been more interesting, and release time has not been close.


But suddenly, with lots of warning, May came. 22 tickets were closed between Wednesday and Friday of this week, 2 tickets were repeatedly closed, and a new blog post was written for the first time in nearly two months.


I feel a release coming on…


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