As anyone who is subscribed to the development mailing list already may have seen, today is almost a noteworthy day in E world. Why’s that?


E19 is going into feature freeze at the end of next month. Read more about it on the mailing list if you aren’t lazy.


FAQ (let’s be honest, there’s only one)

  • Q: When will E19 be released?
  • A: There is currently no set date or estimated date for E19. My only goal with regard to time is to release before July 2023, though I may be forced to delay until September 2026 depending on celestial alignments.

4 thoughts on “Buffering

  1. Awesome!

    Since I’m not sure you’ve seen it, I’ll re-do my question:
    * Will you include the ‘expose’ and ’tiles’ like function that was in the comp-module? I really miss those and I think they are really really functional and not just eye-candy =(

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