I was going to say something clever, but then I added another feature after writing the title and forgot what I was going to say. Suffice to say, nothing of value was lost. Let’s git log it up:

  • Iconify animations are now even more themeable thanks to some work by Carsten “Canvas Commander” Haitzler
  • Pager popups once again delete themselves after the configured delay
  • Compositor effect signals are now extensible
  • Some crashes may or may not have been added or removed
  • Focus no longer resets to iconic clients (except on startup because I haven’t fixed that yet)
  • Menu placement improved thanks to Daniel “I like Quake” Kolesa
  • Pager16 popups now have shadows
  • Internal canvas objects with compositor hooks can now be matched for themes like windows and popups
  • Compositor theme matching is now more accurate
  • Compositor theme matching dialog no longer crashes after an edit
  • X window stacking is now more accurate
  • First draws of X windows are now more complete
  • Internal windows now show their compositor visibility animations
  • New option for active hint policy to only activate windows on a visible desktop


I also spent some time on the second category of the config option docs today. Unfortunately, this page cannot be edited by mere mortals, and it truncates itself when people try; I apparently can’t even revert to a previous working version after someone broke it yesterday, so it’ll have to wait for  someone with more internet powers to fix it with the updates.


Tomorrow is going to be an announcement day, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Resistance

  1. Olaf, I haven’t tried E19 yet, but I think ‘pager’ works like the one i E17 and E18 where you see a representation of each window, while ‘pager16’ works like the one in E16, where you could see the actual content of each window (something that was not possible in e17/18).

    I have a question for the new composite, will you include the ‘expose’ and ’tiles’ like function that was in the comp module? I really miss those and I think they are really really functional and not just eye-candy =(

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