<raster> i added that support last year in march or so

It’s been a busy several days despite my best efforts to not do work. I fixed lots of things and a new module was merged, so let’s recap the git logs:


  • PackageKit module merged from Davde Andreoli to provide Easy access to package management
  • Fixed menus to not hide before showing themselves in some cases
  • Fixed input being allowed during client hide animations
  • Removed erroneous raise on maximize
  • Fixed input when maximizing/fullscreening windows
  • Fixed geometry adjustments when maximizing/fullscreening windows
  • Fixed client raise stack to not be changed when frozen
  • Ibar menu ignores mouse events during animation
  • Ibar menu now more natural timings for showing and hiding on mouseover
  • Ibar menu now dynamically adds new items while open
  • Ibar menu can no longer be open at the same time as its gadget menu
  • Fixed shaped window rendering in cases where BOUNDING shape changed
  • Ensure WITHDRAWN state is set on non-closing X clients during hide
  • Fixed syscon popup to show above clients
  • Improved input accuracy for borderless clients
  • Added options for screen wakeups on various events
  • Fixed focus issues when (un)iconifying clients
  • Fixed shading animations
  • Removed some unnecessary compositing renders
  • Fixed first frame rendering accuracy for clients
  • Fixed Xrandr backlight level resume from blank

I also cooked a big block of pork last night.


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