Weekend Blogging: How Much E Is Too Much?

More E19 updates today:

  • window remember positioning works again
  • unloading tiling module doesn’t crash
  • scaling config dialog shows objects again (with shadows!)
  • new focus config option to autoraise windows when focus is reverted (desk flips, closing windows)

I’m still congratsturbating myself after fixing Wayland clients semi-permanently the other day, so it may be an extra day or two before my next post.



More E18 releases. More E19 fixes. More Friday.


Everything in one place.


Roadmap post next week if I remember.


I spent the past 20 hours of development marathon wrangling systray and other related bugs. The result is that I fixed a lot of things after initially setting out to just fix window effects so that restarting wouldn’t trigger the “pop in” which I hate so much. The time was mostly a blur, but I also remember fixing:

  • systray xembeds
  • minimize persistence across restart
  • shape cutting for some windows
  • shelf gadget moving
  • maybe some other things


E18.1 is going out within the next day or two to fix a desklock thing, so that’s cool. I guess. Still no estimate for merging E19.

Breathing Room

Now that E18 is finally out, I’m back to work on E19. A number of bugs have already been crushed over the past 24 hours, and I’m expecting to merge all this work into core very soon.


I mentioned some time ago that a video was recorded of one of my recent presentations. There was some difficulty in obtaining the video, but it has finally happened. Unfortunately, it seems that a number of the E19 demos have been cut from it for some reason.



Feeling much better these days, and E18 has almost been kicked out the door, so I’ve spent some time on E19.


The result is that there is now a freshly-rebased E19 branch with a companion elm19 branch, containing all the changes from the past couple months. More to come…

Vague News Update

Great news: I’ve found the video recorded of one of my presentations at LCEU! A ninja is uploading it to youtube, and I should have a link to it sometime soon.


I’ve been sick and prepping for E18 release, nothing interesting going on in E19land right now.