A Note On Burritos & Enchiladas

Since it’s becoming more apparent that E18-related things are going to take a while, thus blocking my return to work on E19, here’s a brief overview of the Burrito and Enchilada projects.



An EFL wrapper for spice-gtk which allows easy management of desktop viewer objects. A little slow at present because it basically has to double render every pixel.



An E19 module which adds VM/remote desktop entries to the menu, allowing for the placement of viewers directly on the desktop. Currently this interfaces with libvirt to pull/monitor VM status and manage menu entries, but adding support for other interfaces which support the spice protocol is pretty trivial.


One thought on “A Note On Burritos & Enchiladas

  1. After e18 is out could you make a blogpost on how to setup a pure wayland (no x server at all) system with e19??

    I believe it will attract users and help with testing and stuff.


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