I Am Bad At Blogging

I don’t expect the situation to improve any time soon given my workload, but it’s worth making note of because I am exceptionally bad at blogging with any form of regularity.


There’s a ton of things I’m working on now, so I’ll do this in the (brief) overview style which I have grown accustomed to due to time constraints:



It’s mostly working now. GL rendering is go, Wayland is mostly go, crashing is definitely a go, but with less frequency than one might expect.


LinuxCon EU:

Yeah, I’m doing another presentation. No, it has nothing in common with the one that I just gave at LinuxCon NA. Genius idea, I know. Huge amounts of demos, benchmarks, and other work to do on this and only two weeks remaining. I’ll be unveiling a couple new E19-only features here which I think people will enjoy, unless I can’t get them ready in time in which case I’ll be very sad.


EFL Developer Day:

Everyone knows that real developers develop in PPT, so naturally I’m doing yet another presentation for this. I’m tentatively titling it “Misc. demos + Q&A”. Not totally sure what will happen during this, but I bet it’s going to be awesome.


Project Burrito:

Work continues apace, and it looks like my demo will be done in time. More updates on this later in the week.


Compositor Benchmarks:

As part of my LCEU presentation, I’m writing a benchmark for compositors–something which I think has never been done before? This is a pretty complex thing to benchmark, so I’ve spent a lot of time considering and crafting a benchmark using the EFL effect library, EFX, which I wrote last year. Benchmarking is set to begin soon, and I’ll post the results to the blog here after the conference. Hopefully the results will be in my favor!



When you work for a big company, there’s always lots of this.




I think that’s about it. Not sure when I’ll have time to write a real post which isn’t just a recap, but hopefully I’ll get around to it sooner than later.


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