A Double Dose Of The W

As some of you may have gathered, there’s been a lot of work happening on E19 in recent times. I’d say that the amount of work happening on E19 that is specific to Wayland is probably best represented by this image:

A big thanks to Isabelle Stévant for the quick artwork when I asked for a simple, but elegant portrayal of how dedicated we are to Wayland.

“The meter isn’t redlining,” you say? That’s because next week we’re going to take it to the next level. For now, however, here’s a world first screenshot of some of E19’s capabilities:

This is E18 (not visible) running Xephyr which is managed by E19(X) which has a rootless, Wayland-only E19(W) compositor (NOT a Weston shell) running inside. Both instances of E19 have a Wayland SHM engine Terminology running on the left and a protocol-native (X window on the outside, Wayland surface on the inside) compositor settings window on the right. Both are running off the same binaries with no configuration/recompiling necessary. A big shout to Chris “devilhorns” Michael for writing the initial prototype of the E-Wayland compositing engine in E18, because this wouldn’t have gone as smoothly otherwise.

There’s some obvious bugs visible in the above picture, but it’s mostly working at this point; those interested can get the source directly from the “e19” branch in git–this is not closed code. Any and all bug reports should be sent to Rafael Antognolli, who is responsible for the awful, terrible, fat frames on all of the EFL clients at this point in time.


6 thoughts on “A Double Dose Of The W

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