Codename: BURRITO

Excitement is the general feeling here this week. First came the notification that E19 is getting a presentation slot here:



Next, I’ve managed to fix nearly all of the really crippling E19 rendering issues. There’s a few remaining, but I have the incredible programming genius of Cedric BAIL on my side, which means it’s only a matter of time before they are all squashed. This means that it’ll be time to start adding back the bling that I talked about on the E18 blog. Spoiler alert: a new winlist is under development by a special, elite squad of EFL superheroes. More on this…probably not for a while, unfortunately.



Project BURRITO has just come out of the oven as of last night.  It still needs some time to cool, but I’m confident that it will be looking good and feeling good in time for LinuxCon EU. What is Project BURRITO, you ask? It’s the showcase demo for the presentation, and it’s going to be a great demo of what compositors are capable of. It’s also a totally unique feature which nobody has ever been crazy enough to implement previously.


Work continues, and suggestions for crazy features are always welcome. What eye candy do you want to see in E19?


9 thoughts on “Codename: BURRITO

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  2. “exposé triggered by a button would be useful”
    This!… and also close buttons for windows in overview/exposé mode would be awesome.
    keep up the good work!

  3. What about some client area opacity configurable by hideable trackbar in caption, shown by a button press, just like WinXP tray?)
    BTW, should be quite nice idea to store some window-related controls this way

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  5. Sorry to get nostalgic, but …

    1) an engage-like launcher would be nice. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of them.
    2) desktop pager with real-time scaled preview thing, like in e16. Hehe. Please.
    3) cube / sphere desktop layout 😛 Not everything has to be 100% functional. I think a sphere layout, where you could roll the sphere fowards / backwards as well as left / right would be sweet. Lock screen could zoom out to it and spin. Check out Yandex Shell for android, for a tastefully done cylinder layout.
    4) ‘zoom by selection’ would be cool in some cases. ie … trigger with a key combo or whatever … drag a selection on the screen … and this selected area is zoom in to cover the entire screen ( or everything minus shelf, whatever ).
    5) Compiz’s ( sorrry ) water ripple effect would be cool for ‘new window’, ‘close window’ etc effects.

  6. How about some useless-time-wasting-but-cool-because-they-appear-in-movies-effects like new window frames and controls being drawn piece by piece before the contents fade in inside them? (Think the Tron Legacy table GUI booting up.)

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